An Anarcho-Capitalist Dissident in Cuba Speaks Out Against The Communist Dictatorship/ Anarchast Ep.308

Anarchast Ep.308

In this all Spanish language interview, on location in Cuba, Jeff interviews one of the few Anarcho-Capitalists there, Nelson Chartrand. Topics include: freedom vs the state in Cuba, founding the Anarcho-Capitalist club, a great lack of modern technologies such as internet mean little outside contact, little private business and a monopoly of foreign trade by an elite, the risks of opposing the current government, the people born into indoctrination, , Nelson’s struggle in trying to legalize a Mises institute in Cuba, making a living there usually means abandoning ones beliefs and principles and adjusting to the dictatorship, Nelson’s years in prison for standing up for freedom, peaceful resistance and the non aggression principle, people are afraid of freedom but freedom must ultimately triumph.

Nelson’s email:

Nelson’s phone number in Cuba: 53 559 2500

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Acerca de Instituto Mises Cuba

Instituto Mises Cuba: Espacio para opinar y debatir sobre economía y libertad.
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